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Today’s restrictive Fed policies in a rapidly deteriorating economy are the preconditions for a steep recession. Contrary to the unprecedented monetary and fiscal support we had following the last economic downturn, we are currently experiencing a major withdrawal of liquidity at a time when corporate fundamentals are starting to contract. Continue Reading Here ›

August Performance Update

A sharp cyclical bear market for overvalued, long-duration financial assets has much to play out, in our view, over the next one to two years as the Federal Reserve’s attempts to establish inflation-fighting credibility by continuing to raise interest rates and shrink its balance sheet. Continue Reading Here ›

 Crescat’s Macro Presentation

Crescat’s Portfolio Managers, Kevin Smith and Tavi Costa, provide insight on their current views of the economic environment and how their strategies are positioned to create value for Crescat clients. See Macro Presentation Deck Here ›

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